Fine Good Morning

Person should be greeted with lovely good morning pics
Say hello while making departure in the evening
Don’t forget to say bye with good night
It is good to follow and think it right

It is customary to say few good words
This was followed in court room of lords
It is an age old system and has continued with tradition
There is nothing new or changed as an addition

You need no particular occasion to wish
The day must end with good finish
It gets you good respect and response
People put trust in you and readily repose

Don’t forget to wish a person
It has no time or particular season
Bury the differences and say a word
“Hello brother” I pray for you to lord

Bitterness may disappear or go in seconds
You need not go here and there and find the words
It has its own magical bound or spell
Everything may turn into good and augur well

You just offer beautiful smile
Don’t wait not for reply but stay for while
It will have its own way and desirable effect
Relation may end in long spell with profound impact

What do we loose if we say simple “hello”?
It is mere invitation or extension of good wishes to allow
forget the bad things of past and simple road to follow
Great tradition may have it and teaches us to lie low

Good thoughts should emerge from heart and ready to flow
Adversary too may forget the past and try to go little slow
There won’t be emission of bad feelings and sweetness may grow
There will be warmth in reception with all niceties to flow

it may wash the dirt accumulated by centuries
happiness may be seen everywhere with disappearance of worries
There will opening of new chapter in relation
Differences if any may vanish with sincere urge

What do we gain by showing simple gesture?
It is opening of new chapter with bright future
love and not the hatred may rule the scene
we should exchange pleasantries and must be very keen

It is greatest moment in life if we bury the bitterness
There should be no room for increase in differences
It has grown nicely with change in behavior
Foe may turn best friend and act as savior

Love and to be loved should guide the principle
Peace and harmony should be the words in preamble
The world needs most of the things performed with peace
The rest of mankind must lead the life at ease


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