Meal Replacement Diet Shakes

One of the hardest parts of dieting is planning your next meal. You often must purchase special foods, use special preparation techniques and prepare your food at home. Diet Shakes are a great option that take a lot of the work out of losing weight.

Most meal replacement plans allow the dieter to use a shake for breakfast, lunch and a snack. The shakes are very low in calories but filled with nutrients and fiber. Your last meal of the day can be a healthy meal of your choice and you should start to lose weight.

If you are lactose intolerant, you will want to search for a shake that is not based on dairy. These shakes use another source of protein to meet nutritional guidelines. They can be mixed in fruit juice instead of milk. You can follow the plan without the discomfort caused by consuming lactose.

Meal replacements that come in a powdered form must be mixed with liquid before they are consumed. Some only need to be mixed with water while others will need to be mixed with milk or juice. Many people prefer the shakes be mixed in a blender using ice so that they are more like a milkshake in consistency.

If you are dieting and working out of the home, premixed shakes are an ideal solution. These diet shakes already have the liquid mixed in and just require you to pop the top to consume the drink. They are highly portable and can be carried in a purse, brief case or backpack.

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